Bay Leaf

Melchior food and beverage GmbH takes the pride to introduce our Ready to Eat Non-Vegetarian Indian meals which have an amazing combination of taste, variety and convenience. All our Ready To Eat Non-Vegetarian Indian meals are 100{24789ac468a9f3af22ba96cb0bef2be822e0ecf136c266528b7e06de62a7b32b} natural and have absolutely no preservatives. They are all 100{24789ac468a9f3af22ba96cb0bef2be822e0ecf136c266528b7e06de62a7b32b} Halal Certified.



Melchior food and beverage GmbH have successfully adapted technology developed by Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore -India to make sure each dish has that “just-cooked” freshness.

Melchior food and beverage GmbH currently manufactures the above Non Vegetarian Ready-To-Eat Indian meals which are being supplied worldwide.

Our Rice Meals & Gravies / Curries are the perfect way to enjoy ‘Home Cooked’ food anytime and anywhere.

All Ready To Eat Non-Vegetarian Indian meals have a uniquely designed multi-layer retort pouch, that remain fresh for 24 months. During the manufacturing process, the pouches are first sterilized after which food is filled into these pouches. The pouches are then sealed and cooked to a finish in a retort oven under high temperature and pressure. The sealing and construction of the pouch ensures that no bacteria or other degrading factors can impact the food – it is sterilized inside the pouch. This process also ensures a high retention of the food’s original aroma, texture, nutrients and flavor. Our focus on quality is unrelenting.

Our manufacturing facility for Ready-to-Eat food is the largest and highest quality of its kind.

At Melchior food and beverage GmbH quality is a way of life. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point or HACCP, developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, is a global food safety standard.


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